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    ⊙ shall is crafted for high quality aluminum, the surface smooth, flat

    ⊙ Refector imported high-purity aluminum reflective material,light,high efficiency small glare

    ⊙ Corosion silcone rubber seals,high temperature 250 dedrees Celsius or higher

    ⊙ good sealingperformance,waterproof dustproof

    ⊙ All outdoor light surface electrostatic painning. the surface smooth, anti-acid,and-aging

  • Application Areas
  • Application areas-city main road, sub-truk roads, Commercial Square, industrial Area. Medium-sized stadium, highways and other outdoor road railwaystations, docks, ghting

  • Specification
  • Protection class
    With lamps
    Rated voltage and frequency
    Installation diameter
    For height
    150W-400W HPS/MH
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